Relationship and Sexuality Education

Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) is an integral part of the SHPE programme.  It will provide structured opportunities for pupils to acquire a knowledge and understanding of human relationships and moral, spiritual and social framework.  All of RSE will be delivered within the context of SPHE which is timetabled on our curriculum.

Topics for pupils from Junior Infants to Second Class will include:

  • Expressing opinions and listening to the opinions of others
  • The different changes taking place in the children’s bodies as they grow and develop, naming body parts
  • Caring for themselves regarding hygiene, exercise and sleep
  • Keeping safe, knowing what to do if they get lost
  • Recognising and expressing feelings like happiness and sadness
  • Appreciating and understanding family life
  • Making and having friends
  • Coping with “falling out” with friends
  • Making responsible choices appropriate to age.

Topic for pupils from Third Class to Sixth Classes will include:

  • Caring for themselves regarding hygiene, exercise and sleep
  • Keeping themselves safe
  • Changes to their bodies as they mature and develop
  • How babies are conceived and born
  • Their feelings and the appropriate expression of these feelings
  • Extended family relationships
  • Making healthy and responsible decisions
  • The nature of friendship
  • Handling conflict in friendships
  • Evaluating the portrayal of relationships and sexuality in the media


Our school policy states that,

  1. “An outline of the RSE programme will be given to parents when the child enrols in the CBS
  2. Provision will be made, where necessary, for parents who wish to withdraw their child from class on the understanding that the parent is taking full responsibility for this aspect of their education”.
  3. If you do not wish your child to participate in this programme please write to the principal
    1. to express your concerns and request a meeting or
    2. inform him that you will take full responsibility for this aspect of your child’s education.

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