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01 December 2021 Dear Parent/Guardian, The ongoing efforts by parents and children to adhere to the public health advice during this pandemic has been fundamental to our work to drive down the incidence of COVID-19 in the community. Our priority continues to be to minimise risk and protect as many people as possible from severe
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Face coverings in Primary schools NPHET has recommended the wearing of face masks/coverings by children aged nine years and above on public transport, in retail and other indoor public settings as already required for children aged 13 years and over. They have also recommended that this is introduced for children in 3rd class and above
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Parents Newsletter 1.12.21 CBS Primary Tralee Dear Parents All primary schools have received new Government guidelines regarding children in 3rd – 6th Classes wearing face masks. I have shared a number of documents, from the Government and the Chief Medical Officer, with you on Microsoft Teams.   From today, Wednesday 1st December: All children in
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Friday 26th November We are delighted to say our fundraising efforts for our new All-Weather playing facility “The Astroturf” are finished. After waiting for 2 years and following on from a number of cancellations, we will broadcast our show this evening at 7.00 pm via our school Facebook page and via Youtube on the following