Getting Involved

Parents are invited to become involved in the school in many ways and at many levels, for example:

  • School bodies – Board of Management, Parents Council, various school committee
  • Attending Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Fundraising

Parents are kept informed of school activities through the school newsletter and are invited to attend school sports activities e.g.  Sports Day, matches, etc.

Benefits of Parental Involvement

  • Parental involvement actively supports and encourages the child’s learning.
  • It promotes good parent/teacher relationships and a better level of understanding between home and school.
  • It enhances communication, trust and respect between parents and teachers.
  • Parental involvement allows children to see that school is an extension of home and therefore fosters the idea of the “school family”
  • Parental involvement provides the opportunity of making lifelong friends.

How to get involved

  • Attend meetings which are convened by the various school bodies at the beginning of each school year.
  • Make an appointment to speak with your child’s teacher to discuss any concerns which you might have from time to time.
  • Take an active interest in your child’s progress through examining his homework and his school journals.

Guidelines for getting involved

  • The happiness, welfare and safety of our children are our primary concern.
  • Respect for the teachers in their professional capacity is essential.
  • Discipline remains the responsibility of the teacher.
  • In order to minimise disruption of classroom work, prior appointments are necessary if you wish to speak to the class teacher.  These appointments may be made through the school secretary or by note to the teacher.
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