Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying Resources

Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying Resources

1. Has a range of child friendly resources including online quizzes and videos which cover the topics of internet safety and cyber –bullying.

2. with links to games and lessons on internet safety

3.       Article for teachers from Intouch about teaching internet safety

4.       Online 40 minute course for teachers about internet safety,22192,en.html

5.       Links to resources from Webwise for parents:

6.       Links to online resources from Webwise for teachers:

7.       Anti-bullying resources for senior classes -

8.       Online privacy issues are dealt with on - This was developed for Junior Cert students.

9.       Keep your child safe from online bullying -

10. includes tips on phone and internet safety and an explanation of Facebook’s privacy settings.

11.   Resources from Barnardo’s on cyber bullying-

12.   Cyber bullying explained







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