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GOAL project Erasmus+ Sports Challenges from Máire on Vimeo.



Student Survey on Healthy Eating  





Sports Challenges

Third class conducted some sports challenges to see how fit the children in the class were. Watch the videl to see how they got on.











Erasmus+ Project 2015-2018

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GOAL –Go And Lead Your Team Through Europe”


In September 2015 we began a new European project in the school. The project is under the Erasmus+ scheme and is officially entitled GOAL –Go And Lead Your Team Through Europe”. The theme is sports and well-being. The project will run over 3 years from 2015 to 2018. Six European countries will partake in the project. The countries are Finland (main coordinator), Ireland, Spain, Poland, Greece and Croatia. We will meet our new partners for the first time in Umag in Croatia on the 17th November 2015.  It is planned that our European partners will visit us in Tralee in April 2017. Classes from second to sixth will be involved in this project. At the end we hope to have healthier more active children in the school with a better understanding of European culture and history. We also want to improve computer skills and improve team spirit through this project.

As one of the first activities for the project, we asked students to partake in an art competition, where they had to design a logo to represent the project. Each of the six schools in the group will put forward two entries which will be voted on by all the students in all the project schools. Congratulations to Rubaiet and Ibukun, who are our two finalists. A big thanks to everyone who entered.  There was a very high standard and it was difficult to choose the finalists. In November we will   vote for the ultimate winner from all six countries. Find our blog at

Here are our two entries.




Spring Traditions


In Ireland the season of spring begins on the 1st of February.

On this day we celebrate St. Bridgid's Day. On this day it is traditional to make St. Bridgid's crosses. They are made from rushes and are based on a legend. In the legend St. Bridgid explains Christianity to a pagan chieftain and she makes a cross from rushes as she tells him the story of the crucifixion of Jesus. 

Fifth Class in Room 10 have created two videos to explain the story of St. Bridgid and how to make the crosses from rushes.






comenius logo

Our Comenius Project (2012-2014)

"Roam the History and Culture of Europe"

Our partner schools in this project are from Spain, Poland, Turkey and Slovakia.

Skype Calls to Catalonia and to Poland

We continued with our Skype class to our partner schools during February 2013. We called our partner school in Bialystok in Poland. Again we sang songs and we listened to their songs. Szymon from Room 9 came in and helped us. He introduced the songs in Polish and had a chat with the Polish teacher. Again it was room 10 who participated in this call.

Also in February we called our partner school in Les Borges Blanques. After a few technical difficulties we got to listen and speak to them. We sang a Spanish song which Room 15 had learnt especially for the occasion. The children in Spain also sang a song for us.


Skype Call between Tralee and Vrable 

On Tuesday 29th of January 2013, we continued with our Skype calls around Europe and we called our partners in Vrable in Slovkia. Again we sang some songs and played some traditional Irish music for them. They in turn sang for us and spoke about their traditions. They wore some beautiful folk costumes from their region. Thanks to Ms O Connell's class and Lydia for helping with the call.


Skype Call between Tralee and Istanbul 

On Tuesday 22 Jan. 2013, as part of the project, we made a Skype call between Tralee in Ireland and Istanbul in Turkey. Both schools had some songs ready. Tralee sang an Irish and an English song and played a traditional Irish polka. The pupils in Istanbul introduced themselves individually, sang some songs in English and Turkish and they danced a lively dance. It was a very exciting experience for us all. It was fantastic to be able to see children working in a classroom on the other side of Europe! Congratulations to everyone who took part.


Here's a video "Famous Buildings in Ireland"from our project. We presented this at our Comenius meeting in Bialystok,  Poland.

 It's available in Polish and English.


Roam the History and Culture of Europe

Our new Comenius Project (2012-2014)

Our school was lucky enough to be accepted into a new Comenius project for the period 2012-2014. Comenius is an educational programme funded by the E.U which promotes links between schools in Europe. Through these projects it is hoped that we get a better understanding of each other and each other’s culture and history. We’ve been granted €16,000 to fund the project over the next two years. Our partner schools in this project are from Spain, Poland, Turkey and Slovakia. The title of the project is “Roam the History and Culture of Europe” and throughout the project we’ll be looking at our own Kerry and Irish history but also studying the culture and history of our European partners. We hope to have as many of our students as possible involved in the project and we have already started to work on it. At the moment Mrs Griffin’s class are busy designing a logo for the project. Soon we’ll choose the best one to represent the spirit of the project. Several classes have started to look at Irish legends and we’ll be presenting these to our partner schools’ in the future. As part of the project some teachers in the school will also get an opportunity to visit our partners’ schools. These will begin with a visit to Bialystok in Poland in November where we will meet our partners for the first time. In May 2013 we hosted a meeting of for all our European partners when they visited us in Ireland. If you’d like to know more about our project we’ll be blogging at the following web address

 Here are the winning logos with the artists who created them!





Our Comenius Project - Can I Play? (2010-2012)

Our involvement in our first Comenius project came to an end in June 2012. The final mobility was to Nicosia, Cyprus at the end of May 2012. Four teachers from our school travelled there to visit our partner school. We  met our partners’ from the four others schools involved in the project for the final time.   At this meeting we looked back at the project and assessed its success in the context of the aims of Comenius Multilateral Projects in general. During the meeting Scoil Mhuire na mBráithre, Tralee presented one of the completed final products of the project. This product is a booklet with traditional games from each of the participating countries. This will be presented and distributed to all participating schools.

The booklet had been two years in production and was a collaborative project involving each school in the project. It is envisaged that this booklet will be used in the different schools involved in the project to teach traditional games from around Europe to their pupils. It is accompanied by a DVD of the games, which will be produced by our partners in Saint Quentin in France.



The booklet has five different sections representing the five different schools and each section includes a number of games from each country including one game in their native language. The booklet includes some beautiful art and handwriting from the five different schools.

We hope that the booklet will prove to be a handy reference tool in staffrooms across Europe and that the pupils will get  to try out the games and enjoy them for many years to come.


Comenius Project - "Can I Play?" 2010-2012


What's it all about?

ComeniusC.B.S Primary School has taken part in a Comenius project entitled "Can I Play?" Comenius is an educational programme funded by the E.U which promotes links between schools in Europe. Our project ran over the two year period 2010-2012. There were six schools involved in this project. They came from France, Spain, Cyprus, Hungary and two from Ireland. The aim of this project was to look at some traditional playground games from our partner countries and hopefully learn one or two of them. In return we taught our partners some of our games. This project ran over a two year period and was funded by the E.U..

Groups of teachers from C.B.S Primary Tralee visited schools in Budapest, Saint Quentin and Gort as part of the project. They  met with the pupils and teachers from these schools and observed many differences between education systems throughout Europe.. Our school now hopes to keep in touch with our Comenius partners through email, Skype and ordinary mail.

There are two website associated with the project - and  We’ve added information about our school and some traditions from Ireland. Also you can watch some videos including a video about the traditions and games surrounding Halloween which was produced by the fourth and sixth classes in CBS for the project. 


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